Helping Moms Lean In, but Not Too Far

"The Second Shift was created less than a year ago by Jenny Galluzzo and Gina Hadley with a simple premise: to help create part-time professional opportunities for women with experience and aptitude working in finance and marketing."

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How the Gig Economy is Changing Work for Women

"In the past, women could have tapped into their own personal networks for these kinds of consulting jobs, but it was always a struggle. What’s different today is that new companies are stepping in to aggregate and harness the power of this talent pool. There’s Behance for Creatives, Power to Fly for women in tech and The Second Shift, a company that matches businesses with experts in marketing and finance, to name a few."

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Resources for Making Flex Work a Reality

"While it’s still in its infancy, (The Second Shift) recognized a growing and largely untapped talent mass in many of their peers who had stepped out of full-time careers to focus on families—but still wanted to stay connected to work. And they had a hunch that companies—either start-ups with tighter budgets and looser org charts, or companies with an acute and specific short-term need—might jump at the chance to find high-quality freelance help."

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These Companies Are Helping Women Find Work-Life Balance

"New York-based The Second Shift connects highly-skilled women seeking flexible employment options with businesses, particularly in finance and marketing."

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Womens' Professional Site The Second Shift Holds an Unforgettable Dinner at Bhumi Farms

"Being an entrepreneur and business owner means never actually turning off, and The Second Shift is proving that there are many different ways to get the job done. “The Second Shift is an invaluable resource for a growing business because I can work from my home office here with my family and connect with a network of vetted women who are available to lend me their expertise when and how I need it,” says Lindsey Boyd, cofounder of the Laundress, an eco-friendly line of laundry and home cleaning products."

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Through Her Business, The Second Shift, Gina Hadley ’91 is Putting in the Long Hours so Other Women Don’t Have To

"The Second Shift has a two-fold mission, which is to bring top talent to businesses looking to outsource projects, while providing skilled women employment options on terms that work for them."

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These Mompreneurs Are Helping Moms Lean In On Their Own Terms

"The Second Shift is bringing back the work/life balance for modern moms and helping them lean in on their own terms."

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A Game-Changing Back To Work Option For New Moms

"The company was founded almost a year ago by two friends and mothers, Jenny Galluzzo and Gina Hadley. They started out with one simple goal: to create part time work for women with experience in finance and marketing."

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5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Starting Your Business

"Jenny Galluzzo, a former journalist and serial entrepreneur, co-founded The Second Shift to provide meaningful work for highly skilled women who want the flexibility of a freelance life, and to help create gender diversity in the work place."

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Shifting Gears

"We are constantly talking to wonderfully talented women who have recently left the workforce to focus on family, are seeking more flexibility in their schedule, or simply looking to make a change from a current position. Enter the matchmaker of all matchmakers…The Second Shift."

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Women Who Inspire Us: The Team at The Second Shift

"The Second Shift was founded in 2014 to address the needs of highly skilled professional women seeking flexible employment options. Their mission is to retain critical female talent in the work force, benefitting women, employers, and their families financially, creatively and culturally."

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Career Restartup: Five Ways Women Are Helping Each Other Get Back on Track

"Women looking for part-time opportunities in finance and marketing can work for companies vetted by Second Shift for their ability to accommodate specialized freelance help."

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This One's For You, Mom

"The Second Shift matches moms with flexible work opportunities at companies like Google, Pinterest, and The Weather Channel."

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5 Companies That Are Helping Women Lean In On Their Own Terms

"The Second Shift is a recruitment that lets new mothers pitch themselves, and their portfolio, to get connected with freelance job opportunities. The service handles the paperwork and pay directly."

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Working Mom or SAHM? You Don't Have To Choose Anymore

"Gina Hadley, co-founder of The Second Shift, believes women shouldn't have to make that choice. Gina created the company in 2014 with fellow mom Jenny Galluzzo to match women who had left careers in marketing, finance, and PR with companies looking to hire consultants and freelancers."

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