PJT Partners

The Client

PJT Partners

PJT Partners, Inc. is a premier global advisory-focused investment bank with headquarters in New York City. Founded in 2015, PJT is a spin-off of the largest investment bank in the world, The Blackstone Group. PJT’s services include advisory with M&A, capital markets, structured products and transactions.

The Project

PJT Partners sought to hire a temporary event specialist to plan several large-scale holiday parties for the upcoming season. The professional would work directly with the Vice President of Corporate Services to create proposals for two large events inclusive of confirmed dates, venue selections, food & beverage management, furniture rentals and audio & video proposals. The proposals were to be written up in the format requested by the client with photos and financial comparisons to last year’s events.

The Hire

Emily Keret

Emily’s experience in event planning spans from elite and exclusive luxury fashion companies such as Gucci, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. The range of events while working for those premier fashion brands and retailers includes large-scale movie premiers to small book signings and product launches. As a seasoned event planner, Emily focuses on the desires and budgetary requirements of her clients while coordinating and executing thoughtful and beautiful events. Emily received her BA in Communications from The University of Michigan.

The Result

Emily handed over seven proposals for PJT Partners holiday parties with itemized pricing and specific suggestions based on each venue. The project was handed in at the end of three weeks when a new, full-time hire at PJT took over.