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The Second Shift connects you with experts ready to step in for your strategic projects.
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Complete a detailed description of what you want done, when you want it, and how much you want to pay.

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Matching Magic

The Second Shift makes matches based on skills you select, ensuring that you only see candidates that are perfectly suited for you.

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Pitch Perfect

You will be notified by email when members pitch for your position. Review and set up interviews directly with members during the decision-making process.

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Details, Details

When you’ve found the perfect candidate, negotiate terms with them directly. No job can start without a scope of work signed off by both parties.

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One Stop Shop

We handle all paperwork, payment, invoices and tax forms so you can focus on doing what you do best.

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Completion Boom

The project is done. You'll have the chance to rate and review the member you've worked with, and she'll do the same.

Case Studies

Client: The UN Commission on Refugees

Assignment: Research Project

Duration: 3 months

The UN Commission on Refugees commissioned two women with extensive public policy backgrounds to research how to effectively reach and engage target audiences for a marketing campaign.

Client: BBDO

Assignment: Research Project

Duration: 48 Hours

On a 48-hour deadline, BBDO hired a Second Shift marketing expert with an MBA and 10+ years in global marketing and brand development to create a new business profile and pitch.

Client: Bitsy’s Brainfood

Assignment: Strategic Marketing

Duration: 1 year

Bitsy’s Brainfood needed a strategic marketer to create, implement, and manage a network of national brand ambassadors. They hired a member with years of experience in consumer products at Nickelodeon to work part-time on a yearly basis.

Client: Tribeca Enterprises

Assignment: Interim Asst. CFO

Duration: 3 months

With a busy season coming up, the President and CFO of Tribeca Enterprises wanted to bring on a financial expert without hiring a full-time employee. They hired a woman with a Wharton MBA who had recently left a hedge fund where she was the COO/CFO.

Client: Ipsos

Assignment: Data Analysis

Duration: On-going

Ipsos used the The Second Shift to find a member with an MBA to analyze research data. The experience was so successful that they continue to work with the same member on a variety of projects.